Renal dysplasia

Renal dysplasia is a developmental disorder occurring in both dogs and humans where the kidney tissue undergoes abnormal development. An increased prevalence in certain dog breeds suggests a genetic component and identification of genetic risk factors for renal dysplasia is essential as there is currently no treatment and affected dogs progress to renal failure and die at a young age. Genome-wide association studies have been performed in cases and controls, and genetic regions have been suggested but not yet confirmed. We are still actively collecting samples in this project, primarily from boxers but also other affected breeds like English cocker spaniels, Newfoundlands, miniature Schnauzers, Lhasa Apsos, Shetland sheepdogs and soft coated wheaten terriers,  with suspected or confirmed renal dysplasia. In this study, we highly appreciate blood samples from young dogs with kidney disease and later, if this progress to terminal kidney failure, post-mortem kidney tissue for establishing diagnosis. Please contact us if you have have a dog with renal dysplasia from which you would like to donate a sample.